Posted by: donrhymer | July 18, 2010

The Mask

For those of you with a morbid curiosity, or you weirdos who just like to rubberneck; here is what radiating Don looks like:

It’s a hard plastic mask, they mold around your head so they can bolt you to a table and blast you with the “Rays of Death.” When I asked my radiation tech Oscar, why they needed to actually take the time to “bolt” me to a table during this delightful twenty minute procedure I was told:

“Well, if you move… I guess it could kill you.”

“Hey Oscar, let’s not do that.”

Oh, the quicker amongst you will probably note that the image above is not actually Don. That is Eddy Suter. If the internet is to be believed he may or may not have been arrested for public indecency.

Seems that exposing yourself to a parking lot full of classic muscle cars behind a Shakey’s Pizza is considered inappropriate even in Gaffney, South Carolina.



  1. Who is Suter? That’s not Edward Suter is it?

  2. Tinseltown is buzzing with the news – Rhymer is way funnier now that’s he got the cancer. Continuous pain and suffering seems a small price to pay for what we all really want – to be just a little bit better at our jobs. Does your oncologist get 10%? I’ll bet she’s got the cure all ready to go, but you’re saying, “Not yet, I’m in the middle of act two, can you come back next week?” Way to go, Rhymer!

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