Posted by: donrhymer | July 19, 2010

Be Daring, Clever, Cheeky and Sneaky

I complain. Not completely without merit mind you, but I complain. My throat hurts, everything tastes like metal. I can’t talk, I feel so tired, I feel queasy. You know, annoying complaints.

And then every few days I sit in a waiting room full of really sick people and I feel like a shit.

You see, some of these people are really sick.  Like “won’t be on this planet in three months” kind of sick. And yet here they are, playing out the string, dutifully sitting in a lobby, waiting their turn, coughing small bits of blood into handkerchiefs while friends and caregivers lovingly rest a hand on their knee.

Last week I sat down in one of these waiting rooms and tried to lose myself in my Blackberry.  A few minutes later, I realized I was sitting next to an older man, maybe seventy. He was sporting an almost identical surgical scar as mine, his face a little gaunt, his neck black and burned from radiation.

He looked up from his magazine and with absolutely no expression on his face reached out his hand.

We shook and – without exchanging a single word – he went back to his magazine.

I didn’t complain for a full 72 hours.

Oh, what magazine was he reading: Elle. The article: “Contour Bras – Be Daring, Clever, Cheeky and Sneaky.”



  1. love that story…

  2. Thank God you’re blogging. I’ve been wondering where you are… really…

  3. After he shook your hand, did you still have your watch?

  4. Don: You’re funny, brother! I am a 3-year survivor of a decidedly not-cute late-stage breast cancer. What’s up with young people and cancer these days? Hang in there. And please get in touch if you want to commiserate. My oncologist hated (hates) me too. But did you know that studies show that difficult patients live longer? It’s true. Hugs, Amanda

  5. Well Don, this is the best in a weird way and you make people laugh. That blogger gene has clearly been handed up and down from generation to generation. I’m having trouble feeling TOO much sympathy for you because you ALMOST sound like you’re having fun.

    And I bet you use that hospital gown as a cape when no one is looking.

    It’s okay. Your secret is safe.

  6. Radiation gives you super powers, right? Have you thought about what you want?

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