Posted by: donrhymer | July 20, 2010

Letters… We get Letters!

We’ve only been up a few days, but people from all over the country are already weighing in with their thoughts, questions and comments.

Yes, it was a shock to me too. I frankly don’t know how they are finding us. When I Google – radiate and Don, all I get is ads for used x ray equipment and some extremely mediocre Lithuanian pornography. Yes, that depresses me too.

You’d think the first thing any emerging nation would be able to get a handle on is porn.

Question of the Day!

Don, be honest, how many times a day do you say to yourself – ‘Why me?’

Well, Allen Tinman, of Lufkin, Texas, not as often as you might think.

I have always been more of a “why not me” kind of guy. For my sixth birthday I had a “”one more year, and somehow I avoided polio” party.

It’s not that I’m a hypochondriac. I am a realist. Every day you are able to avoid catastrophe is a miracle. I mean, look around, your average morning commute is a death race. The fact that I have been driving for thirty-three years without mowing down an intersection full of first graders is mind-boggling to me.

Oh, I’m crazy, you say? My youngest daughter Carrie has almost died twice… while chewing ice. And everyone is worried about terrorism? People, we live in a world where “ice” can kill you!

So, no, I don’t spend much energy wondering – why me? I’ve got bigger fish to fry… like ice.



  1. Uncle Don, I am loving reading your blogs! My interns are loving them too 🙂

  2. Hey Don, This is your brother-in-law, Jim…the one that runs the nuclear museum. just wanted to point out that in fact, they are irradiating you so, the blog is great but. Anyway, you say potato….maybe its like inflammable and flammable mean the same thing. It just burns I know.

    You are getting “ionizing radiation”: this is the real stuff, no mere microwaves. It is strong enough to alter DNA, and that’s what it is doing, giving mutation to any cancer cells it hits.

    On a interesting note, think of what a great exhibit you/it would make here. I can see the noise prints on the display cases already.

    • “You are getting “ionizing radiation”: this is the real stuff, no mere microwaves. It is strong enough to alter DNA, and that’s what it is doing, giving mutation to any cancer cells it hits.”

      I knew it! Go for super chewing. Or feet that smell super good.

  3. Uncle Don. I too am enjoying your blog but I liked it better when you told me stories over lunch that you paid for. Keeping our family history a secret… love, John

    • I like the family stories. It’s funny listening to a different generation talking about the same people. ….Love, Cousin Ginnie

  4. I found you from a link on a friend’s blog so I guess you’re a friend of a friend. Just wait till people start writing you from another continent. It’s kind of a trip. I’m loving the levity of your blog on a dark subject, though I know you’re going through the wringer as well. Either way, we’re with you (to the best of our abilities) on the ride. – Amanda

  5. Lithuanian? Now that brings back a memory…

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