Posted by: donrhymer | August 17, 2010


After seven weeks of radiation, three of chemotherapy, the treatment phase is now officially over!

Still feeling totally rundown, since my summer has left me with like… seven white blood cells, but we made it through the madness. Now begins the long, slow climb back up the hill.

Eating food would be nice. Looking forward to that. My last meal of actual food was July 3rd.

So, I got that to look forward to… which is nice.



  1. Congratulations on getting though the radiation and chemo. Sort of an impossible achievement. Here’s to you enjoying food, life, everything from this moment on (I know it’ll be awhile before you can actually eat, but you know what I mean). All best, Don.

  2. Just saw an ad for a comedy series this fall on t.v. about a woman going through cancer treatment- can you imagine???

  3. So happy it’s over, Don. My naturopath told me that when chemo’s over, the real work begins. Sending lots of good thoughts your way on your journey. Sorry to sound so earnest. We’re not all funny, bro. xx Amanda

  4. Congratulations, Don! Let the restoration begin!

  5. Have you gone 10 days without posting because you’re done with it…or just too weak to blog?

    Because, you know, we worry.

  6. Way to go on making it over the chemo hump, man!

    Can’t wait to see you at one of those semi-regular writers-get-together as soon as you’re up to it.

    Hey, have you ever met Michael Douglas?

  7. Apparantly the “Let’s Radiate” section is over with. The audience wants more! Total “Let’s ______ Don” saturation!

  8. So we’re waiting for the next installment…., did anyone else pay $19.95 a month for this?
    Not payin another bill until I see another post!

  9. Yes! Go Don go! Congratulations! I am really looking forward to hearing what you eat first. Are you a salty or sweet person? Pizza or ice cream?
    Waiting for the next installment…

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