Posted by: donrhymer | April 2, 2012

Fifth Time is the Charm?

More neck surgery tomorrow.

My last tour through radiation never quite healed and I developed a lovely little infection, which is apparently the ideal time to bring in sharp knives.

You know you have spent way too much time in the surgical wing when the admitting clerk sees you walk in the door and says: “Hey, I know you.”

Hopefully this will be a low-key affair, but who knows? Maybe something blog worthy will happen, like I’ll wake up with a belly button for an adam’s apple.  Damn, the comedy I could spin out of that.

Finger’s crossed.



  1. You & your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’ll be back next month…I’ll be ready for you!

  3. Good luck! Make sure you ask to be taken to the recovery room afterwards. Then they’re legally obligated to make you recover. (I’m pretty sure it works that way.)

  4. I’ll be thinking of you, my friend. And maybe while you’re there you could have them do just a little work around the eyes….


  5. Prayers sent.

  6. I’ll be praying for you and a fast recovery. That actually is more a prayer for Kate than for you, but still.

  7. I was hoping this was an April Fools joke……

  8. We’ve got a crew of folks here, each of whom is praying for you. Hope the surgery goes quickly, extremely well, and you’re home in time to start pestering Kate tonight. 🙂

    Love, Celeste

  9. I’ll be praying too that everything goes smoothly and heals fast!

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