Posted by: donrhymer | May 31, 2012

A Good Scan is Hard to Find

Cancer “road trips” like mine come with no map.

Not even a good GPS to lean on. It’s like taking off on a cross-country journey and having to completely rely on pulling over every few hours and asking random passerby for directions.

You might get there eventually, but you also run the risk of winding up in swamp somewhere wondering when the road stopped and the “gators” started.

That’s why cancer Doctors love scans. They are roadmaps, reports cards, little signposts that hopefully shed some light on where you’re going, how you’re doing, and more importantly… how fast or slow you’re getting there.

In three years I think I have been scanned in one way or another, close to twenty times. The scanning itself can be taxing, but the waiting afterwards is the fun part. A lot of time to wonder where the results will take you. What your next stop on this “road trip” will be. “Will he be a dream… or a dud?”

Well, my last date with the scan… was a good one. The tumors are smaller, the “metabolic activity” is greatly reduced and there are no new spots. To quote the report: “Results consistent with positive therapeutic response.” Doctor speak for… so far – the poison is working.

That’s the good news. The not so good is my “Oncologist Who No Longer Hates Me” believes we finally have it on the run so now is the perfect time to double down. My nine weeks of chemo will now become twelve. Or fifteen. Even eighteen if I can handle it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s working. Grateful beyond belief… but it makes for a long summer. The “cancercation” continues.

But we’ll keep going for as long as it takes. Hell, there’s got to be an off-ramp around here somewhere.



  1. Very happy to hear the good (if qualified) news. Good luck with the poisoning!

  2. Sometimes success or progress arrives in a shit sandwich. The only way to eat it is to take a big ‘ole bite.

    Thanks for making such a valiant effort to keep us informed.

  3. Hooray! Hooray! So thankful for your good results – even though the process is horrible. Your journey is a triumph!
    Prayers always, Carol’s mom – Barbara Ostrye

  4. At least our Dodgers are doing good.

  5. This is great news… and terrible, terrible news for cancer. I will now go read cancer’s blog (“Stop Radiating Don”) and see how it’s dealing with it.

  6. How awesome is that!! Thank you, Lord.

  7. That’s GREAT news, Don. I am glad GOOD NEWS came your way.
    You are in my prayers every day, many times each day.

  8. Hey Don. Glad to hear. I sent you an e-mail with my latest & greatest. Hang in there bro,

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