Posted by: donrhymer | June 18, 2012

Gypsies, Tramps and Cancer

I’m still here.  Just in a slump.

I have tried to blog a few times in the last couple of weeks, but they always sounded like slightly altered versions of previous blogs. Maybe three years into my festival of cancer… I have run out of things to say.

During this “cancercation” I have started my first novel adhering strictly to the commandment “write what you know.” Unfortunately, I am finding the adventures of a balding, nauseous man who spends his entire day sitting in a chair in his bedroom watching “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” to have a few dramatic limitations. Oh sure, I’ve got a killer two hundred pages, but where to go from there?

Looks like I will spend the entire summer on a three-week chemotherapy cycle. The idea of which is to poison you, let you wallow in your own filth for a week or two and then let you gloriously recover to full strength so they can poison you all over again.

The only catch is that, the drugs tend to build up in your body over time. The treatments get rougher, the side effects stronger, and the recovery time slower. So eventually the whole process starts to blend together.

All this to say I need inspiration, so I’m thinking of turning the eyes of this blog toward my other passion…. Crafting.

Perhaps I could provide instruction on how to create the perfect summer walking stick, hewn from an old broom handle? Or how to reupholster your office chair with the remnants from that ski jacket that went out of style last winter? Fruit cozies? Tin can luminaries? Anything there? No?

Okay, maybe it’s best for all of us if I wallow in my slump. Embrace the wallow, if you will.

Will do. In the meantime? Thank God for gypsies. And their weddings.



  1. Have to say, Don (in addition to “How the HELL are ya?” which would appear to be more appropriate for you than is generally meant by the salutation), the idea of Wedding Wallowing is something I think you could really run with. And I see the spec (with the gypsy characters) really being eye candy for the crop of new hot young stars with long, Central and Eastern European surnames, anxious to pay homage to their heritage. But what do I know of that world, now that the four walls of my day are more confined to such questions/plaints as “Really, Mr. Neisser? ANOTHER reading quiz? How original, not to mention cutting edge of you pedagogically.” and “Wake me when we get to the 21st century, if you haven’t put me to sleep already like some poor stray at the pound.” Keep us inspired, please!

  2. who knew that the gypsies would have such a widespread fan base…I love them, too:Love you too – so keep on with your crazy blogging

  3. I was sitting in a house in Mississippi feeling exhausted after working outside in 90 degree weather for 6 hours when I read this blog. I stppped feeling for myself, went back outside to finish. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for each day, my heart goes out to you in your situation. Your courage is amazing and empowering!

  4. You could always add “Duck Dynasty” to your viewing schedule. It may combine your interest in cultural diversity with that of crafting. I would recommend avoiding “Wicked Tuna” at all costs, and the excellent camera work of “Whale Wars” this year may give you sea sickness on top of the usual nausea. .
    On another note, belated Father’s Day wishes to you. You and Kate have done a great job raising three welll grounded and wonderful kids. Your legacy will be in the lives they lead and the support and love they wiill have for each other, as well as their contriutions to making this a better world for us and our children’s chidren.. Please keep writing. Can’t wait to read the book. Hoping for a happy ending.

  5. Hey Don. Hal the Sparkletts guy again. For a moment I thought you were mocking me and my LOCAL 191 gang of bald wallowers – I then quickly realized you must be feeling better if you can actually make fun of gypsies. Those bastards cast spells and crap – so watch your back! Hi to Kate. OOXX

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