Posted by: donrhymer | July 30, 2012

And Now We Return You to Your Previously Scheduled Cancer

What a difference two weeks make. No Doctor appointments, no poking and prodding, no blood tests, no scans, no toxic poisons coursing through my veins. I feel like a new man. In fact I am a new man. You can call this one Ted.

My “Oncologist who no longer hates me” gave me a few weeks off treatment for a little vacation. Charleston, South Carolina. Grammie and Aunt Kelly. Sun, sand, humidity, thundershowers and lots of southern, low-country food. Sweet tea glazed salmon and smoky gouda gritcake, hush-puppies, fried okra, fried flounder, fried green tomatoes… fried everything. I gained four pounds. Most of it gritcake.

It was much needed and much appreciated. To feel normal, to cook and clean up, to put on my adventure pants and run errands and drive around and haul suitcases through airports and up and down endless flights of stairs just like a big boy was a joy.

To be able to take care of my family, instead of being taken care of by my family was a gift.

My wife, especially, needed the break. I’m grateful she got it and not a minute too soon because Wednesday we are right back at it. We have two more chemo cycles, six weeks all together of the full American plan and all the fun that carries with it and just in time for August in Southern California. I mean, if you’re going to be bald, nauseous and tired, why not do it in 95 degree heat?

Six more weeks. But we’ll get through it.

But I’m not going to lie, it would be a lot easier with a little gritcake.






  1. SOOOOO happy it was the BREAK you ALL needed !!!!

  2. What a wonderful little vacation! What a joy to be with MOST of my family – we really missed Andrew – sunning, dancing, drinking and eating! Now it’s back to the grind…love you, my brother, and your beautiful family!! and just so you know, we still go out when it’s raining!! (but not flooding!!)

  3. Don,
    I am glad that your vacation was wonderful! I don’t know what a gritcake is, but imagine I’d like it given that I love grits. I think about you often and wish I had the power to time travel us all seven weeks into the future so that treatment would be a thing of the past and your next challenge would be determining WHERE you would like to vacation next. Love you, Sally

  4. I mean, if you’re going to be bald, nauseous and tired, why not do it in 95 degree heat?

    Yeah, but it’s a dry a heat.

  5. Hi Don,
    Not sure if you remember me from JMU but I ran across your blog some time ago when playing the “what ever happened to …..” game. Your entries have inspired me, made me shed a tear, and bust a gut with laughter. Glad you enjoyed the heat, humidity and awesome food of Charleston! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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