Posted by: donrhymer | September 9, 2012

The Scan Who Would be King

Another good scan.

After almost six months of chemotherapy, we end the summer, as always, with a scan. Tumors greatly reduced or stable, no new spots… basically much less “cancery” than when we started. So, good news. Happy day.

Next is surgery, basically to clean up the effects of four previous surgeries and three courses of radiation that have left me with a lot of pain and only fourteen degrees of movement in my neck, which as you can imagine, has been making life increasingly interesting to say the least. Then I will stay on a weekly “maintenance” regimen of Erbitux that basically amounts to one uncomfortable afternoon a week that leaves me with the ruddy complexion of a greasy fourteen-year-old boy.

In three months we will scan again and see where we are, but for now… we will rejoice in our scan and go about the business of getting better.

Thanks to all for the visits, dinners, books, cards, pudding, text messages, e-mails, DVD’s and gluten-free Harbolt cupcakes.



  1. I always thought of you as a greasy 14 year old boy

    With heroic staying power, way to go, maybe now you can pay attention to me for awhile

  2. Congratulations!

    Are these cupcakes worth looking into?

  3. Great news ! Keep the good reports rolling!
    Jeanie Peterson

  4. Don, I am both relieved and very happy for you. I share the scares of being a frail human; wishing immortality but feeling quite mortal. Daily my scares and pains remind me that I am both breakable and alive. I am glad you are also….. alive! Byron

  5. So happy for you. Congratulations.

  6. Yippee!!!! So glad to see you and Kate this weekend and be able to toast to some good news!!! Love you both and will pray for a successful surgery! xo

  7. Yahoo!!! We are so happy for your good scan!
    Sending love and prayers from NC!

  8. King Don!
    THIS is the best news. I am so happy to hear of a good scan. Way to go!!!!

  9. Sending good vibes and happy thoughts from Charlotte!!!! Jumping up and Down for you 🙂

  10. Great news Don! I’m certainly rooting hard for you in this battle!

    Would love to see you sometime

    Alan S.

  11. I am SO very happy to hear this news Don. I think it is worthy of a celebration. I will look for any reason to take your sweet wife out for a drink or two! Love you both!

  12. Such good news, Don!!! We are praying that you would be encouraged and know that God has your battle…He is with you. We love you!

  13. If you continue to get better, your oncologist won’t be able to bill you as much. How is she supposed to pay for her kids’ college? Please think this through.

    • LOL!! I see someone else has a Don Rhymer sense of humor!!

  14. Hallelujah!! SO happy to hear this Don!! Sending love and hugs your way!!!

  15. Great, great news!

  16. Thinking of you often and reading your blog…grateful to have read your good news this morning!

  17. Woo-hoo! Wonderful news!! Now you can get busy and get rid of that Honey Boo-Boo disaster and her family. Get writing that book.

  18. Good news! I’ve enjoyed your blogging. Guess now I’ll have to buy movie tickets to get my fix, or sit through TV ads, eh? (A good trade off–I hope this all calms down for you now, somewhat…. The experience never goes away completely, no matter what, but if we can take away something that makes us a better person, then it hasn’t been all bad….Good luck!)

  19. Thanks Don…for this latest update. Patt and I rejoice with you in this positive and encourage medical news! We continue to keep you in our prayers.


  20. Don,

    We so appreciate you writing this blog and the update today is cause for some serious celebration! What a relief!~. You will continue to be in our prayers as you prepare for the surgery..

  21. So happy to hear good news Don!!!! xoxo Josie

  22. Well this is good news indeed. Remember the beginning of ABC’s Wide World of Sports? “Scanning the globe…” That’s you. Apparently this movie has a great third act! Go Don!

  23. Wow…this is great news. Congratulations and let the good times roll!

  24. Yet again, Don. Yet again you forget to mention the healing properties of bottled water straight from the cold mountain streams of Alhambra. Bieber even gets a plug. Geesh. Whatever. Glad your scans are encouraging. Hope you enjoyed the DVDs of Waterworld, Water for Elephants, and The Abyss ! XXOO HAL

  25. Grateful for the good scan. My family continues to be in prayer for you and Kate!

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