Posted by: donrhymer | November 13, 2012

The Trial Continues!

The Trial continues.


And is, for the most part, going great so far. The Oncology Research Center at UCLA is top notch as far as I can tell. It’s the least “hospitally” medical facility I have ever scene. The staff is great, the Doctor and Study Coordinator smart with bedside manner to spare. So far, absolutely no issue with the drug itself, no side effects yet… but yes, there is a “big but” coming. Commuting down to Santa Monica for four days in stop and go, rush hour traffic… almost killed me.


You see, my shoulders and neck and lower back were bad going in and last week made them ten times worse. Nerve bundles of pain, back spasms, nasty stuff. Plus almost every day had a companion trip to USC for wound therapy so, yeah, long days. Rough week. But it ended fun. On Friday I had someone pass out on me, and then several hours later I managed to pass out on myself.

There was a first year intern “looking” in on my wound care treatment and somewhere toward the end of treatment when there is a lot of picking at an open wound with tweezers and scissors and Don wincing in pain and a little blood… The first year Intern pitched forward on top of me. Luckily the veteran Third year Intern caught the first year intern and with some calm instruction from the Doctor everything was handled just fine.

Later that night… I am at home. I stand up too fast. I start to cough…. I continue to cough until I have run out of air in my lungs to cough any more. And that’s when things go black. I put my hands on my knees and at this point I know I am going down.  I just have to figure the safest way to ditch. I aim for the carpeted hallway between the closets… I almost make it.

So, a week not completely without event, eh?



  1. More jello!

  2. Omg! Don!! unbelievable….I would say “jello shots”. You would of never know on Saturday. You had long pants on so we could not see the carpet burns on your knees….we LOVED seeing you both. I’m so glad the kids are coming in for all of you to have a “Family Fix”. That’s the best medicine of all.
    We love you guys and think of you every day.

  3. The photos to go along with your latest report illustrate your points perfectly. Hope the visit from Richmond of the new “Mr. President” is a distraction from all the recent activity.

  4. Any Thursday or Friday I am free to drive you. I am free Monday and Wednesday before 1pm if you need spare help.

    • Whoa. Do NOT get in a car with Matthew. He’s a complete maniac. Last time he drove me, I woke up three days later in Ensenada.

  5. Okay, not to make you feel worse, but you’re really blowing it here by not having a camera attached to your head at all times. If you had recorded that intern passing out on you – or even your own passing out and missing the carpet – and then added some goofy sound effects, you would’ve been a shoo-in on America’s Funniest Home Videos. I’ve met Bob Sagat – I could totally make this happen!

  6. I passed out reading this ! But more importantly, how do I change my damn ugly avatar? Perfect photos, Don. Stay strong.

  7. I recently read your article “Sad Eyes” and your outlook contains so much grace and humor and spot on summary about what a cancer patient/survivor goes through. I am a breast cancer survivor and a fan of whoopee cushions! Keep up the fight.

  8. Don, you are going to be missed by so many! My heart hurts for your sweet family. You kept us laughing and now I know you and Jesus are having a grand time!

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