Posted by: donrhymer | December 6, 2012

In Lieu of Flowers, Please Send Gin

It’s been a long week in the Rhymer household, and my family would like to thank everyone who has stopped by, called, flown cross-country, emailed, texted, facebooked, facetimed, sent flowers, cookies or soup. You have all been wonderful in helping my family fill the void left in our lives by an utter and devastating lack of Don Rhymer. In the past three days I’ve been told our house smells like a florist, a bake shop, and a bar. All of which would have made my dad very proud.

I would also like to thank anyone and everyone who came my dad’s memorial service. That day was an absolute blur, so I just sat down to read through the guest book with my mom. I was immediately overwhelmed by the number of familiar names. Some of you I haven’t seen in years, and some of you I may not see for many more years. Commandeering a blog is no way to properly say thank you, but please understand that the outpouring of support for my family is so great that I will never be able to fully reciprocate it. All I can muster is a paltry expression of my gratitude. Thank you all.

Lastly, if for some reason you are still looking to do something to honor my dad, please consider donating to Stand Up 2 Cancer. He was very fond of their efforts, and showed it by buying countless t-shirts, hats, and just about anything they sold on their online store. I have a Stand Up 2 Cancer candle in my bedroom. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not really a candle guy.

The Stand Up 2 Cancer Memorial Donation Page is very easy to use and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Again, thank you.  I hope this day finds you well and your family safe.




  1. Andrew, it was so nice to see you and give you a big hug! You remind me so much of your dad in the way you speak and write! The memorial was beautiful and gave me personally some peace about your dads passing! I’ve gone over and over in my head on some way that I can help you, the girls, and your mom! My best conclusion is to simply offer my ears to listen, if you should need to talk, my time, if any of you need help at the house or dinners made, and my prayers which you will get each day without asking!! Your parents made such an impact on my life and did so much for me, I have always hoped there would be opportunity for me to return their love!! Please let me know if your family needs anything, I know your mom would never ask!:) I love all of you!! I’m here!!

  2. Andrew, you are your father’s son.

  3. Very good Andrew. Somehow I managed to miss you at the memorial.
    I recall, with fond memories standing next to you and blasting your mom with water guns from your pool. I ducked under the water-Kate yelled at you.
    You were interested in Apollo, so I gave you and old newspaper I had on one of the flights.
    Hearing stories about you from friends my understanding is you made your father proud. Good boy.
    Many blessing all the rest of your life.

  4. I didn’t know your dad..didn’t even know OF your dad…just happend to be scanning Variety and saw his obit…then checked out the blog mentioned in the article purely on the strength of it’s hilarious name “Let’s Radiate Don.” It’s very weird to be exposed to a writer’s work solely via a diary kept during his final days (I don’t believe I ever even saw any of the movies he wrote). But I was astounded at how quickly I attained a huge respect for his sense of humor and way with words even in the context of such a terrible exercise. I just found myself shaking my head in amazement at his uncanny ability to write a perfectly structured and timed joke…about the most horrible circumstances. I’m sorry for your loss…but hope you take some comfort in having had him…he seemed to have been a truly remarkable guy.

  5. Hello Andrew:

    Your father was a remarkable man who poured his wonderful qualities into you and your siblings. And his ability to tell a joke.

    I know how much he loved you and your family because, well…he told me.

    What a joy it was to know Don Rhymer and to have been his friend.

  6. I had so much hope for his recovery. I’m thinking of Don right now as my children enjoy “Rio” for the umpteenth time. Of all the movies they watch repeatedly, I never tire of this smart, funny tale. I hope the fact that his legacy will be laughter and joy for many children brings you some comfort. My dad, a friend of Don’s, told me he was a wonderful man. I loved reading the truth of that here. My heart weeps with you for your loss.

    Mrs. Odie

  7. Love the title Andrew:) Wish we could have been there to celebrate and honor your dad’s life. He was a man to honor, that’s for sure, though he’d of course never ask for it. One of truly the most humble, talented, good to the core people I have ever known and his life was just way too short!

    It is good to read your families’ posts, as it still just doesn’t feel real to me he is gone and helps me know and grieve that. I am sure it still hurts so much and reminders of him are everywhere, prayers for comfort, strength and peace are on my heart for you regularly.


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