Posted by: donrhymer | January 18, 2013

One Day at a Time

The kids and I have heard from some of you that you’d like us to keep the blog going, to post every once in awhile how we are doing.  The next part of Don’s journey – his family continuing on without him, but at the same time, preserving his memory and so many things he taught us along the way.

I’m not a writer, and would never claim to be.  We often joked about it.  On a few occasions, Don’s 50th birthday for example, I would write a silly little rhyming poem, because I could never put into words what I wanted to say.  That particular one began:

“To you Donald Rhymer,
At this special time
Your job is to write,
While my job is to rhyme”.

After all, I am a Rhymer.  But not a writer.  Our kids, however, seem to have inherited some of his talent.  So the kids and I, with your indulgence, will continue to post on the blog every once in awhile.  Maybe it will make you smile, thinking of us, and of Don.  Maybe, like Don would, you’ll ask someone how they’re doing, and really listen to the answer.  And hopefully it will prompt you to “focus on the good”.




  1. Kate, we love you and we think it is great and courageous to keep the blog going! Love, Linda and Harry

  2. Kate, I second Harry’s sentiments wholeheartedly! We love you all and our hearts are with you. –David N.

  3. Very happy to hear this, Kate. I always looked forward to what Don had to say on this blog, and am grateful to be reminded of him and and to know how your family is doing.

  4. Love it! I got my morning chuckle today! Please keep rhyming…

  5. I love seeing “Posted by: donrhymer ” – this is a great tribute and I’m sure it will be some much needed humor for others who stumble on to it in the future. Thanks for sharing you buncha rhymers!

  6. Thank you for continuing the blog. Someone in your family should make Don’s blog into a book. He had so many thought provoking words and such an insightful way of looking at things. I knew him and your family thru Kelly, my daughter-in-law and I know how much he is missed by all.

  7. Such good news for all of us Kate. xoxo

  8. Thank you for continuing the blog! I think it is a wonderful idea and yes it will bring a smile to our faces each and every time to hear from all of you. It will always be bitter sweet, but we’ll take the sweet whenever we can….

  9. So glad you guys are doing this! All the posts so far have been so wonderful to read and so helpful.

  10. Great idea. Thinking of Don and all of you often.

  11. So happy to hear that you’ll be keeping Dons memory alive by continuing his blog!! Maybe in some small way, it will be healing for you as I was for him!! Love you guys so much! Xo, katie

  12. I love this idea. Contrary to what you say, I think you write beautifully. You can’t beat what comes from the heart. Your whole family shares in such a genuine way. Thinking of all of you with love, Cindy

  13. Dear Don,

    Three beautiful new posts, all from wonderful new voices, and yet you still retain full credit in the opening titles. Man, somewhere out there is an arbitration panel that LOVES you… as we all do! Go, Kate, Andrew, Molly and Carrie! We love the whole bunch of you so, so much.

  14. I think continuing the blogs is a great idea!! I’ve been praying for you and your family for a long time. I’d love to keep up with how you are doing!!

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